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    Feature Request: Add "Folder Tracks" to Multitrack Editing

    philippo96302141 Level 1

      I recently started using Audition to edit sound for short film.

      coming from Steinberg's Nuendo there are several features that i make me prefer audition over nuendo - especially things like the non-destructive clip-based use of effects and filters.


      however there are some things that make audition close to unusable for editing of films that are longer than a few minutes (for me at least):


      my main problem is that there is no way to organize the tracks in the multitrack editor into collapsable folders - as soon as you start getting in the ballpark of 30 audiotracks plus maybe 10 bus tracks the multitrack view is becoming very hard and tiresome to navigate.

      and for longer films (not even feature length, maybe 10-20 minutes) i sometimes end up with almost 100 audio tracks (in Nuendo) -- right now for me it is impossible to work with track numbers like this in audition.


      to be usable with high track counts, collapsable folder tracks (eg. seperate folders for dialog, foley, fx, atmo, ... tracks) would be good way to keep large projects clean and easy to navigate


      folder tracks could also be used in the mixer window - preferably with an option to either *show all tracks* or *follow folder mode* (tracks in collapsed folders do not show up in the mixer)

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          I'm currently working on a short which is only around 10 mins and already the tracks are piling up. Once dialogue is split out we're looking at around 150 tracks right there. When you consider L & R channels for boom and L & R from the lavalier, plus a stereo mix, that's 5 tracks of usable PD - per line!  This film was all shot outside so the noise difference even during takes can vary wildly. No getting away with laying an actor on one or three tracks and mixing that out. Not in this case. Once we add FX, Foley, Atmos, Score, and the rest we will be closer to 200 tracks. That's going to be difficult to manage, not to mention cumbersome. Our Score is coming from Cubase and using folder tracks there made all the difference to that process. Audition is excellent but folder tracks would make it even better.

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            RESH Level 2

            So has this been added yet?


            I'm using Cubase outside of Adobe CC, but the things that keep me from jumping over to Audition are:


            - Lack of track folders

            - Studio monitor out

            - Built-in Loudness monitor (this may have been added, but without track folders I won't even consider Audition.)

            - A Media Bay like browser



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              Bob Howes Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I don't know if you ever use Premiere Pro as well but, if you have, what do you think of the system of "Bins" they have there?  I've put in a feature request for file management in Audition to work in a similar way to Premiere--and I think "Bins" would give you the track folders you want.


              I'm not sure what you mean by "Studio Monitor Out".  Surely that's a function of your Audio Interface or am I missing something.


              As for a Loudness monitor, there's a "Loudness Radar" feature located in the Special section of the effects.  This has presets for the common ITU/ATSC/Etc standards and gives both a meter of where you are but also a complete record of the entire playback.


              Sorry, not sure what you mean by "Media Bay".  There's certainly  browser but obviously not what you want.

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                MC Tuppz


                Another 2017 update and still don't see folder tracks. Pretty sure it's in every Daw Ive used. Just can't quite make the full shift to audition with all its audio editing features because recording a multitrack can be painful. Groups half help but not with the scrolling down through multiple recordings

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                  MonoxideWorks Level 1

                  +1 Still would be a good addition. Although their closest answer to this request would be the new "Tracks" view in the latest CC 2018 update which allows you to hide unused tracks in the Multitrack Editor.