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    publish option in video express


      I ma curious what happened to the publish to Adobe Connect Server option in Presenter when using video express? Version 10 had this capability an now it is missing in version 11?

      Am I missing something? How do I take video authored in Video Express and publish them as Adobe Connect Server content?

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          RicherRags Adobe Employee

          Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

          You are right, the Publish to Connect button was removed in Presenter Video Express 11 (PVX-11) .

          However the following options are available:

          a) Publish your project to the local computer. In PVX-11 we also generate a video player along with an MP4, and this has the capability to also render in-video quizzes authored within PVX-11 and do SCORM reporting. So you can actually take this full published output and manually upload it to Connect content library. Note that we dont do Connect reporting in PVX today, but the learner can get the full experience - video, with any in-video-quizzes

          b) If you are using Presenter 11 (the plugin), you can also take the MP4 output from PVX-11 and import it into any slide that you desire. You can then use all the Presenter plugin features in that project and finally publish to Connect directly from within Presenter.


          We will also consider your question as a feedback/suggestion for possibly adding this in a future release of PVX.