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    InDesign to Powerpoint Workflow Problems


      I'm trying to export my InDesign project so that it can be used in Powerpoint (and edited by users on my team that do not have the adobe creative suite). My current workflow is exporting my indesign file to a pdf and then opening the pdf in Adobe Acrobat. The PDF from InDesign looks great. Then I'm using Acrobat the 'Export To' to create a Powerpoint Version. My problems start there...


      1) Any images that have a transparency effect on them set in InDesign have big problems - either the transparency effect is removed or there is a opaque charcoal box where the transparency should be.

      2) Some images - especially those placed in InDesign from Illustrator look horrible - drop shadows and transparency all messed up.

      3) TOC (which was color coded in INDesign and PDF is now all blue links in Powerpoint


      I've tried all sorts of flattener presets, versions, preflight actions and compression output. I can't seem to solve the problem. Preflight helps a little on the transparency, but not high quality enough (looks of visible problems still). I'm happy to send the file if you need to see it, but was wondering if someone has a good workflow for InDesign to Powerpoint. The couple examples I've found are really simplistic indesign layouts with no transparency or AI elements.


      Thanks so much for your help!