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    InDesign crashes when opening a specific document with GREP styles and nested styles

    Thomas Rüesch Level 1



      I've been working on a document containing several Paragraph styles that include GREP and nested lines formatting. The document worked fine but since the latest InDesign update (2015.2), InDesign crashes when opening the document. I've tried to recover the document when InDesign opened again but it just keeps crashing. After a lot of trouble, I've managed to save an IDML conversion of the document (opened it in InDesign CS6, lost my paragraph shading attributes in the process) and saved it with a new name but the problem just keeps happening. I've also tried to empty all my fonts cache and ran Onyx to try and clean my computer as much as possible.


      I've finally found a temporary solution: it seems that if I remove the GREP and nested styling from my paragraph styles and manually apply character styles instead, InDesign doesn't crash anymore.


      Did this problem occur to anyone else? Is this a bug or am I missing something?


      Thanks in advance