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    CC and CS6.. run both at same time?

    rickwtexas Level 1

      I subscribed to CC a month ago, still haven't done the install... mainly because I'm so comfortable with CS6. My question: is there a reason both can't be run on the same computer at the same time. Not necessarily the same programs... for example CC Indesign and CS6 Illustrator.


      I guess I'm looking to ease into CC, not go all-in on one day. I've been using Illustrator since late 1987 (while at Alphagraphics, corp had me test drive Illustrator vs freehand)... but for some reason this transition feels like the one between vs9 and X. Maybe I'm just paranoid. I was probably one of the last vs9 holdouts... I didn't migrate off of 9 until 2011.


      BTW: I'm using a mid-2010 MacPro quad tower, 15gb ram, Yosemite... not the newest thing on the block, maybe that's why I'm trepidatious. No plans to upgrade. For what I do it's more than powerful enough.


      Thanks in advance. Rick