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    Undo not working.......again.


      OK I thought this was last week's problem (and a problem I've had for months thinking it was my GPU or something)

      and a patch was issued, which I opted to try out in advance and was very happy with.

      I then got an email from Adobe telling me the patch had been included in the latest update, so I should uninstall AE and reinstall just to get me on the right page.

      Now after a smooth few days THE PROBLEM IS BACK.


      In a large project, I move things, press undo and they stay where they are. Until I move them again and AE catches up. Exactly the same problem.

      Also moving things with the arrow keys rather than mouse seems to produce the same issue, AE is not displaying the changes.


      Could it be that I should have just stuck with my beta patched version?