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    motion 2016 // feed your creative brain

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      motion 2016 // feed your creative brain


      A place where listening to top creatives share insight and creative process
      is more valuable than learning how they created a project.

      A place where you rub elbows with some of the most talented people in the industry
      from The Mill, Blind, Lobo, Ntropic, Leftchannel, Trollback + Company, Imaginary Forces and too many others to name.

      A place where there are no pitches to worry about. No renders to check. No briefs or guidelines to rule you.
      A place that is "beautifully unprofessional";.

      A place where you let go of the tension of workloads and professional expectations – and simply be human, social animals.
      A place where you can be yourself.

      A place where all professional barriers are removed.
      Competitors become friends.
      Speakers become participants.
      Colleagues become collaborators.

      motion 2016
      a place where you can feed your creative brain.

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