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    Problems with two FP10 apps using localconnections

      I have an application that is doing the following: (FP 10, Zinc 3.0.12). APP1 and APP2 are both Zinc swf2exes on windows with Flash Player 10.

      a) APP1.exe opens up a local connection called _APP1

      cool.gif APP1.exe lauches APP2.exe

      c) APP2.exe opens up a local connection called _APP2

      d) APP2.exe sends a message on channel "_APP1" and APP1.exe successfully receives the message from APP2.exe, this is confirmed

      e) APP1.exe attempts to send a message back to APP2.exe on channel " _APP2". APP2.exe never receives this message

      f) IF i restart this process, (fire up APP1.exe and then manually launch APP2 as a plain FP9 SWF (not a zinc exe) the communication process works A-OK. (APP2(fp9) talks to APP1(fp10), APP1(fp10) sends message back to APP2(fp9) OK)

      I am a bit confused as to why this is happening or what is going on. I have tried setting LocalConnection.allowDomain and allowInsecureDomain to "*" and "localhost" both to no avail. I am not sure why the 1st zinc exe (APP1) can receive messages but the second zinc exe (APP2) can send successufully but NOT receive ok. It appears that there is some problem talking between 2 FP10 running applications across LocalConnections?