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    email banner signature


      The company I work for is trying to create an email signature banner template that can be distributed as a template in an easily accessible format that can then be saved as a jpeg.


      This is what we have tried so far:

           1. Generated a PDF form that is emailed. When received they fill in their info and save as a jpeg. If they desired a headshot, they would click a button on the form and select an image for import.

                  a. ISSUE: Later versions of adobe reader would only allow the user to import pdf images, not jpeg.

           2. Created a web landing page with a static background. User could type in name, import headshot, and then right click save as.

                a. ISSUE: Wasn't very user friendly and different browsers would interpret the page differently and cause issues.



      If anyone has any idea of which adobe Creative Cloud software could be used to generate such a piece and how to do it, that would be great.


      Thank you!