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    Replace slide but keep audio

    JBourgoin Level 1



      A teacher in the University where I work have a presentation with audio on every slide.

      that presentation has 45 slides and was record two years ago (presentation A).


      Now, he made a new version (presentation B) with modifications on almost all of the slides.

      He want the audio of the original presentation in the new version.


      My question


      How can I replace the slide of presentation A with the new slides of presentation B without losing the audio ???


      I tried it slide by slide.

      But after the first slide.......Presenter tell my that all the audio will be erase


      Thanks for your help

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          RicherRags Adobe Employee

          Sorry, there is no easy way to get this done.


          When the audio was added to the old presentation, it may have been edited to suit the contents at that time and it could have also been synced with animations present on the slide. If you have the old project (source in PRPKG form), the audio files would indeed be present somewhere there, but would may have been renamed and it may be hard for you to discern what goes where. 


          The best way to recreate the new presentation, would be to create a new project with Presentation B; and add the audio as desired. I suppose you have the source audio files for your old presentation. You can simply use the import audio feature in the slides desired in the new presentation.



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            JBourgoin Level 1



            you are right !!!  "there is no easy way"


            I have the audio files (mp3) so, I will import them in the new presentation....