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    PSA - Automated Silent McAfee Security Scan Plus Remover

    Carm01 Level 4



      As a public service announcement, I am posting a link to a 100% silent McAfee Security Scan Plus remover.


      Since Adobe will gladly allow it to automatically install on out machines, they offer no way to automatically or silently remove this 'ShovelWare' from your system.


      The program is compiled for 64 bit windows ONLY versions 7 through 10 ( if there is enough demand I will compile for 32bit ). The thing takes less than 10 seconds to run, and will completely remove it and any rogue folders from the machine. THERE ARE NO PROMPTS, DISPLAYS telling you it either worked or not. It either will if it finds the files on your machine or it will immediately exit if it does not find certain files.

      Like I said 100% Silent!


      If you support multiple machines in a cooperate type of environment this can be pushed out with something like Altiris ( sorry i do not know about SCCM ). I am offering it up freely to HELP out with a simple one click solution.


      Adobe Flash Updater - Browse /McAfee Security Scan Remover at SourceForge.net


      Best Regards and Happy Holidays!