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    Light Saber Effect?


      Hello, In Adobe Premiere Elements 14, I know there is a way to create a Light Saber Effect using the 4-Point Garbage Effect and animate a clip, but is there a less time consuming way to track the object and put the light saber effect in like that? I would really appreciate it!

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What computer operating system?


          What do you want to do in Premiere Elements 14 - find an alternate to the 4 point garbage matte way to create the light saber effect in which a person lashes out with the light saber produced with color matte and keyframing of the garbage matte or some thing else?


          Probably for Premiere Elements 14, I would go with the garbage matte workflow for the best results. If you wanted to create the light saber independently and then bring it into the Premiere Elements project, you might consider

          a. creating the light saber in Photoshop Elements and saving it as psd or png

          b. explore the Lightning Effect in Premiere Elements fx Effects and straightening it out as your light saber

          c. explore the Titler Shapes in Premiere Elements for the light saber as a Titler file.


          Did you want to approach this instead from the angle of creating the light saber, saving it as a psd and png and use that as a tracking object in the Premiere Elements Motion Tracking feature?


          Have you seen the online work where the light saber effect is done using the Lightning Effect (straightened out lightning)?.


          My first impression is that there is no time saving factor in any of this if you want to obtain the best possible light saber effect.



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            virangp44891627 Level 1

            I am using Windows 10. I was wondering if there is an alternate way to the moving to 4-Point Garbage Effect that I have to move every frame to cover up the prop light saber. Another question I have is when using the 4-Point Garbage animation, to get rid to the blue keyframing dots on thewhen creating the animation, because they get in the way of trying to animate the light saber? Thank you!

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the reply. It is getting late where I am so I will go into this more in the morning morning.


              I think it easiest to do the Four-Point Garbage Matte keyframing by moving the monitor points there. But, you can also do that in the Show Keyframe Controls workspace Four-Point-Garbage Matte Panel expanded area dials for Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Right, and Bottom Left.


              At the Timeline level, you will only be able to see one type of keyframe at a time in the Timeline video clip. Refer to right clicking the clip, select Show Clip Keyframes/


              I believe that there is an online video tutorial on this type of workflow for Premiere Elements 12/12.1 which I cannot find right now. The principles there should be the same as for 14/14.1.


              We will revisit your thread in the morning morning. Please let me know if I have targeting you questions. If not, please let me know where I should supplement the replies.


              Thank you.



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                virangp44891627 Level 1

                How did you get those adjustments next to the Top Left...? Star Wars.png

                And this picture shows all of the keyframe points, and the blue dots get in the way as I try to animate the next frame? Can you tell me exactly how to not show all of these blue dots?

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the replies. Not sure if you need the following, but just in case - screenshot showing the relation of the garbage matte points and the corresponding dials in the Show/Hide Keyframe Conrols workspace


                  The monitor shows the screen for the white color matte to which the Four-Point-Garbage Matte has been applied.

                  If you move the top points below the bottom points shown, then for dialing in...

                  The left Top point seen becomes Bottom Left

                  The right Top point seen becomes Bottom Right

                  The left bottom point seen becomes Top Left

                  The right bottom point seen becomes Top Right


                  Please let me know if the following is what you seek in trying to work around keyframe representations (blue dots) on screen.


                  Clear the "blue dots" keyframes by clicking once on the screen using the mouse cursor.

                  Go to the Show Hide Keyframe controls work area and use the "dials" for moving the points.


                  Probably a combination of different view can best refine the keyframing. I prefer to stay most of the time with the blue dots focusing on the point which represent the end of the pivoting light saber.


                  Please consider.



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                    virangp44891627 Level 1

                    Can you show me where the Show Hide Keyframe control work area is?

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      This is the view for the Hide Keyframe Controls.


                      If you click on the Show Hide Keyframe Controls Icon when you have the Hide view, you get the Show representation which will look like


                      In this second screenshot, you can see keyframes placed...here at the beginning for all four points; at another time, for just Top Left.



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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        You may find it easier to use a real effects program to do this kind of effect. After Effects is state of the industry, of course. But a more affordable option is HitFilm. Here's their basic lightsaber tutorial.

                        How to make lightsaber videos - YouTube


                        In fact, if you check out the HitFilm web site, you'll see that they've created a number of relatively easy tutorials for creating Star Wars effects.


                        So, while it may be possible to do these kinds of things in a program that's designed for editing, you'll get much better results much more easily in a program that's actually designed to create visual effects, IMHO.

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                          virangp44891627 Level 1

                          Ill try out that program as well!! But Thank you A.T and Steve for helping me out!

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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            Thank you for the follow up.


                            I had not tried the light saber Four--Point Garbage Matte with Premiere Elements (any version) prior to the posting of your thread.

                            It took a bit of practice initially, now my light sabers are coming out pretty neat in not all that much time. The quickest or "better" with alternative software is for you to decide what works for you.


                            I am strictly a Premiere Elements video person and look always to get the best possible from Premiere Elements. I came, I saw, and I believe that I got the best possible in this case which would be very competitive with other software, dedicated or not.


                            Best wishes in your video projects. Whatever your decision on software to use for the project, please let us know the outcome as your schedule permits.


                            Thank you again for the follow ups. Appreciated. Very interesting question.