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    Need help with i7 vs E5 and GPU


      sup guys,


      I'm trying to build a new working PC, but feel bit hard to choose the CPU and GPU, so can someone help me out?

      what im working on:


      - Davinci Resolve for Coloring my footage

      - 4K RAW footage from FS7

      - maybe some lower rate 2K and HD

      - some of animation


      what programs im using:


      - Adobe Premiere CC 2015

      - Adobe After Effects CC 2015

      - Davinci Resolve

      - Maya  C4D 



      1.  CPU:  currently im looking on the i7 6700K 4C 4.0Ghz and 5960X 8C 3.0Ghz , in case I should go with more core and lower frequency 5960x or less core and higher frequency 6700k ?

      2.  CPU:  compare to the i7, Im also looking for the dual E5  build (more than 4 or 6 Core for each one), it is better to choose dual E5 ?

      3.  GPU:  GTX TiTian X 12G or SLI ? not sure premiere cc 2015 support SLI?  maybe later version?

      Can someone help me out?

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          cc_merchant Level 4

          1. I7-6700 is pretty weak for your purposes. The 5960X is the better choice.

          2. See Tweakers Page - Deciding between single or dual CPUTweakers Page

          3. SLI is not advised. It does not have any relevance for Adobe. The 980Ti may be the better card from a price/performance point of view, provided you go for the i7-5960X and overclock it. Otherwise the 980Ti is overkill, especially on a 6700 system, which does not warrant anything better than a 970 max.

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            RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

            i would try to avoid dual xeon, the loss of performance from dual cpu overhead is alot. a single i7 extreme or single xeon would avoid that. the right x99 motherboard would allow for either cpu type as well as multiple gpu, even a triple gpu setup. broadwell-e/ep will bring also higher core count cpu's in q1 and q2 of 2016.


            premiere doesn't support/use sli, but can use multiple gpu's. if you have the full/paid/studio version of davinci resolve, you can use multiple gpu's there too. depending how many color changes/nodes and effects you plan on using with davinci resolve, you may need two gpu's for good 4k performance. i've seen the 12gb titans recommended with DR when using ofx plugins like neat video, to avoid running out of vram. if you don't plan on using any ofx plugins, you may be ok with the 980 ti's 6gb amount.

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              ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

              Resolve is really the application you need to build around since Resolve will the most hardware specs. The 6700K is not enough for 4K and resolve and is really pushing it for Premiere. I would suggest the 5960X and atleast 32GB of ram although you want 64GB ideally with 4K and Resolve. 1 GPU is fine for Premiere but Resolve scales far more across multiple GPUs and often requires 2. You can start with a single Titan X or 980Ti card and then add another if you need more for resolve. Just make sure you have a 1200W PSU. AE uses all CPU and ram so you want the 8 Core at higher clock speed and 32GB of ram bare minimum with 64GB as the ideal point for 4K. I would also take a look at Octane for GPU acceleration render for Maya.




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                daizel95003028 Level 1

                Currently, im looking for to upgrade my CPU, based on these program, according to 5960X (the highest Ghz i7) and Dual E5 (around 2640  V3 / V4),  just imagine that both of them with sam 64G Ram, Raid, GPU, then which build you think is the better choice?

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                  ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                  Definitely the I7 and the 1080GTX card would be the GPU to get at this point till the new Maxwell Titan card releases.



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                    Don't the 10xx cards gave less cuda cores than 980ti? I'm looking to upgrade my gtx 960 for 4k editing.  Dual E5-2697 system with 64gb

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                      ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                      The 10XX series ie Pascal GPU's are a new architecture focused on GPU acceleration. Performance results so far are showing the 1080GTX equal or greater than a Titan X card. The clock speed also has an impact as well. In this case the new architecture is worth the trade off in cores.




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                        patshiPJZ Level 1

                        I did a few tests with my current new setup.

                        What I found is that the GPU does not help as much as a decent CPU with playing back problematic movies files like RedCode material.


                        Here is my article: Building a 4K Video Editing Workstation for 2016 - Part #2


                        Hope it helps a bit.




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                          daizel95003028 Level 1

                          Thank you for the help,


                          About the GTX1080, I know there are many different custom version from different brand. Now the new question comes, Does overclocking the GPU helps premiere playback? Doesn't matter Export/Rendering video time.


                          Basically I planing to upgrade my GPU for premiere playback speed when in editing, because currently my premiere is lag and drop frame when edit 4k footage (with 4790k / GTX770 / 850pro Raid0 / 32G RAM ), after color grade with lumtri that the playback lag and stuck go worse. I'm not worried about the exporting cause I have another render rig for exporting video. Just focus on playback speed with 4k footage, which kind of version is better ? Super Overclocking version such as Asus Strike O8G or normal version like Founder edition is enough?







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                            RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                            eric hasn't posted here in a while, but he is one of the few here that has a gtx 1080 to test if overclocking on pascal works, where as maxwell overclocking did not work in cuda applications.


                            besides that, the gtx 1080 is much faster than the gtx 770 and would probably need the 10 core i7 to require the gtx 1080 for most premiere projects. overclocking the cpu and getting fast ram (at least 3000mhz) should have more impact on playback than an overclocked gtx 1080.


                            if you think your new build will be maxing out the gtx 1080, you will want to avoid the founders edition as its a basic power design with limited cooling. custom cards will be better designed and have much better cooling to avoid thermal throttling. most mid range gaming cards will allow for overclocking, usually within 2-4% of the expensive extreme overclocking editions.


                            if you still plan on using davinci resolve, it will be the one that will push the gtx 1080 more than premiere. if you have the studio version you could always start with one gtx 1080 and see how it works for your projects. another gtx 1080 may help with faster exports, but if you are doing that on another machine it may not matter to you. the rumors for the pascal titan are starting to come out, and it may be a much better choice for davinci resolve.

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                              daizel95003028 Level 1

                              so is that means overclocking GPU would not make premiere playback faster than the normal founder edition ( expect the cpu/ram/ssd perfomence)?

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                                RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                                i don't have a pascal gpu to test, and haven't seen any overclocked tests to know if it makes any difference. eric or another forum member might have tested it.

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                                  Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  I do not have a GTX 10 series card yet but if they are anything like the GTX 9 series you cannot overclock CUDA operations when running Premiere, as a matter of fact an overclocked card like my EVGA GTX 970 SC which shows the memory clock speed of 1753 MHz on the first tab in GPU-Z will actually slow down to 1502 MHz when using Premiere as you can see below in the two screen grabs.

                                  GPU-Z 970 CUDA MC.png