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    I have two catalogs - one called Lightroom and one called Lighroom 5, both in same folder (Mac). I used 5, but now use LR CC. Just got the catalof error. Now it wants me to choose one to use. Which one? And can I delete the other?


      I was using LR 5 for a year or so but recently switched to LR CC. Been having problems ever since. Just now got the dreaded corrupt catalog error in CC and had to quit the app. When I restarted I was presented with a dialog showing two catalogs in the same folder. One is named simply Lightroom and one is named Lightroom 5. The dialog wants me to choose one to sue. I assume the LR 5 is older, but don't want to make matters worse. And, once I pick the right one, how do I safely get rid of the wrong one? Thank you.