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    Add User wiht CFLDAP to Active Directory


      I have read all the topics that "Internet" have about this issue.

      I would like to know if it is necessary to complete all Mandatory attributes that I have in my AD Schema to add a user onto AD.

      I have this Mandatory Attributes:

      Name Type System Description Source Class
      cn Mandatory Yes Common-Name mailRecipient
      cn Mandatory No Common-Name fw1person
      cn Mandatory Yes Common-Name person
      instanceType Mandatory Yes Instance-Type top
      nTSecurityDescriptor Mandatory Yes NT-Security-Descriptor top
      objectCategory Mandatory Yes Object-Category top
      objectClass Mandatory Yes Object-Class top
      objectSid Mandatory Yes Object-Sid securityPrincipal
      sAMAccountName Mandatory Yes SAM-Account-Name securityPrincipal

      I don't know how can I complete all these attributes.

      Could someone help me?

      Thanks in advance.