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    ALT Sharpen Mask slider does not work (in LR5, LR6) D800?



      I have a Windows 7 PC (64 bit) and I use a Nikon D800

      In Lightroom when you are in the develop module, detail module you have the option to mask the amount of sharpening on a photo. When you hold down the ALT key on the slider it shows how much of a mask you are applying to your image (it goes black and white and by moving the slider you can see the amount of effect).

      This has been mentioned before by someone else but in my case I cannot get it to work under any circumstances (e.g zoom level etc).

      I used to have this problem in LR 4 and 5.7 and also now in LR6 which I just upgraded! I had really hoped it was a bugfix that would have been sorted in LR6 - but no.

      I used to use this a lot with images done on my D90 or D7000 so I believe it has to do with the D800 images/ 64 bit Windows or LR4 and above? Either way I am stuck.

      I would really appreciate a resolution to this problem.