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    Captive SWF not Playing in Breeze

      I am trying to insert a simulation created in Captivate 2 into a Breeze presentation done with Breeze version 5 using the Insert Flash option on the Breeze menu in PowerPoint. I am able to insert the file and it runs correctly when I step through the slides in PowerPoint. However, when I publish the Breeze file into a swf and step through it, the inserted Captivate file just stays locked on the first screen without moving or responding to user actions (it basically looks and acts like a static graphic).

      I have even tried the basic Teach Me Inc simulation that comes with Captivate 2 and it does the same thing. I have played around with a variety of both Breeze and Captivate settings and configurations with no luck. A number of other developers in my group (using the same versions of Breeze and Captivate are running into the same issue).

      Any idea what the problem is or - more importantly - what the solution is?