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    CJK Typesetting in InDesign

    ArcRaj Level 1


      I’d like to know your suggestion and advise to typeset Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Japanese and Korean (CJK) in InDesign.

      I read the post in InDesign forum: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/446233?start=0&tstart=0, which gives mixed results.

      So could any of you please give clear details on my below questions:

      (1) Which InDesign version supports to typeset CJK languages?

      (2) Any suggestion on Adobe free fonts to handle these languages?

      (3) Any other special instructions to follow?

      (4) Any plug-in need to purchase, if InDesign doesn’t have direct support?








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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          A Creative Cloud subscription would allow you to download a CJK version or add the CJK tools to the English (or other language) version.

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            David W. Goodrich Level 3

            The meat in the thread you cite is from 2009—ancient history in the computer age—and there are many more recent discussions.  Adobe has bundled CJK fonts with English-language InDesign almost from the beginning (version 2, 2002), and publishes the list for CS6 here: it would be strange indeed if the software could not use them.  Early on, western-language versions could read and edit files from CJK versions, but one needed a CJK version to utilize all the special CJK features.  (The 2009 thread refers to templates (text frames) from CJK versions that allowed non-CJK versions to access some.)  Subscribers to the Creative Cloud have access to all language versions and, as Peter mentions, one can now run CJK versions with a western-language interface.



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              ArcRaj Level 1

              Thanks Peter and David for your responses, it's very useful for me.


              @Peter: Could you please share more details on your suggestion to download CJK version - currently we've English version (CS6 - Windows), whether we need to purchase another version?


              CJK tools to English version - please confirm whether we need to purchase additionally any plug-in to use?


              @David: Could you share your thoughts too on the above questions?


              This will be very helpful for me to decide further, thanks in advance:)

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                The ability to download the other language versions is part of a Creative Cloud subscription and would not be available if you have an older perpetual license for CS6. If that's the case you might want to take a look at World Tools Pro from In-Tools.com and see if it adds the functionality you need.

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                  David W. Goodrich Level 3

                  As you already have English-language IDCS6 and its CJK fonts I expect your best bet would be to use it for a while to find out how well it works for what you need.  If it turns out you require, say, furigana, or vertical text beyond the capabilities of the TechArt/TransPacificDigital templates, then as Peter says Worldtools Pro might be a good investment.  Or a Creative Cloud subscription.  As for particular CJK fonts, in the absence of information about the intended product there's almost nothing one can say—except perhaps that glyph coverage varies and, at least in my work, is an essential consideration.



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                    ArcRaj Level 1



                    We tried with CC subscription (with option All languages), but no different is found, could anyone provide additional details on subscribing CC only with CJK version?


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                      Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      There are no versions of a CC subscription. You can install any language. Here is the instructions for how to do that:


                      Change the language setting of Adobe Creative Cloud apps

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                        Peter Stnsz Level 1

                        Hi all,


                        Let me refresh this thread.


                        I am currently on Windows machine (Windows 7), downloaded Japanese version of InDesign CS6 (through Creative Cloud subscription).


                        Now, the UI is in Japanese. Tried to change the folder name in the Workspace to en_US or en_UK, tried to modify strings through Regedit - no luck!

                        However using OS X, I am able to download it as 'Japanese' preserving the English UI language.


                        I believe, I have to use some 'trickery' on Windows to make it work and missing some information how to do it.


                        Any suggestions?

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                          hoticeeu Level 1

                          Hi Peter,


                          I know it's been half year since you posted this but have you found a solution? I'm having the same problem. I need to work on a Japanese document in English interface and I can't figure out how to set it up. It used to work in previous versions because I remember I had it before I had to switch to Middle Easters indesign because of another project.


                          I tried asking on Adobe online chat support but the poor guy didn't even know that there is a special indesign version for Asian typesetting. Adobe staff and management, if you read this, PLEASE make one version of indesign that can handle all scripts. We're tired of re-installing every time we have an international project. This has been so long overdue!