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    Missing image links when i open a indesign file on Mac that was created on Windows (network drive and local copy)




      i have the following situation:

      The InDesign Files are created from Windows-InDesignServer via a Plugin for automation.

      All the clients work with a Mac. When they want to open a file, the plugin copies the file from the network drive to a local folder and opens the copy.

      But this way, all the links to the images get lost.


      For example:

      Windows - link of the initial file:


      Mac - path that's shown in the indesign-palette:


      Macintosh HD:myNetworkDrive:Data:Brands:alfa.ai


      The interesting thing is, if i open the file on the network drive, InDesign on Mac is able to find the links via the Windows-Pathes.

      But as soon as i copy it locally, the links are missing.


      Is there any functionality to store both Windows- and Mac-Pathes in the link?

      Or a Url-Pattern that works for both platforms?



      I wrote a small javascript that relinks the missing links but it's only a workaround for me.


      Thanks in advance!