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    dynamically rezizing a Label

    ljonny18 Level 1
      Hi, I have a Label inside a VBox.

      My VBox has a width of 100% so when the widow is resized the VBox scales to the size of the window.

      I want the Label inside the VBox to scale relevant to the size of the VBox containing it, so for example if the VBox is scaled to a very small size and even height of "0" the label will not be visible.

      is there anyway I can do this in ActionScript?

      I have tried so far to add a resize listener to the vbox performing math calculations on the label height and font size, which worked to a certain degree, however was jerky and the performance was v-slow when the calculation was performed on many VBox containing Labels simultaneously.

      I am after an efficient and reliable solution to my problem.

      Any advice is much appreciated,