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    Presenter and Captivate

    cegrubb Level 1
      Greetings to all, my first post on the Presenter board and a frequent user on the Captivate forum. I could sure use your expertise and advice...anyone!

      I am a two year Instructional Designer and we have utilized Captivate exclusively. I'm proficient with it but now want to move on and incorporate a bit more 'pizazz' into the modules.

      Currently, I am searching for the best method of adding video to the Captivate presentation that will have a transparent background and allow, for example, a person to 'walk' onscreen, say something, and then walk offscreen while a static image remains in the background. Sort of like a weatherman in front of a map.

      Adobe sales team advised me to get Presenter but before I ask the company for money $$$, can you tell me if I'm on the right path? Is Presenter easy to use and edit video? Does it work well with Captivate? Should I be thinking of another program?

      You may respond here or email me privately at cegrubb@cox.net

      I thank all of you, in advance, for any assistance.