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    time remapping only the keyframes.


      i know it is possible to pick whip between comp. so that slides in one comp controls sliders or wha ewer in an other comp.. but is it possible to time remap those keyframes.

      lets say i have a comp. lets call it comp(1) it has a blue solid, a red solid and a comp(2) containing an adjustment layer with 2 sliders.

      in comp(2) i animate the slider so that slider one starts at 0 one over a second rises to 100. then slider 2 starts from 0 and up to a 100 while slider one goes down.. or something like that..

      I'm now able to pick whip slider one and two to the opacity of the red and blue solid in comp(1).

      Now when i play comp(1) the red solid goes from 0 to 100 and then the blue takes over doing the same thing.

      here comes the question:

      i hoped that when i time remapped Comp(2) the solids in comp(1) would fade up and down faster or slower depending on how i time remapped comp(2) i comp(1).


      but it dos not work as i expected. the keyframes are not moving at all but stay in sync whit the timecode regardless of my time remapping.


      is there a way so that i can time remap keyframes..


      hope it makes sense. 

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          That a lot of unnecessary work.  You'd have to animate the sliders anyway, right?  So why not just animate the opacity of the two solids?  It's a lot easier and not nearly as messy.  Is there a compelling reason to do this that you haven't described?

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Time remapping works on footage time not keyframe time. What does that mean? If you have an animated shape layer, image or solid and you want to time remap the animation then you must pre-compose before you apply time remapping. If you have something like opacity keyframes on a video layer and you apply time remapping and change the timing only the timing of the video will be changed, the timing of the opacity keyframes position will not change. If you want to change the timing of the video and the opacity keyframes or any other timing of any other animation applied to the video layer you have to pre-compose the layer moving all attributes and then apply time remapping to the pre-comp.


            If you have a group of keyframes and you want to change the timing of the entire group the drag a selection around the keyframes or select the property to highlight all of them then hold down the Alt/Option key and drag the last keyframe to proportionally adjust all selected keyframes. (AE Basic Sklil)


            It is possible to link animation to time, the layer's in point and out point, markers or specific keyframes through expressions but the expressions can get very complicated very quickly. Trying to set up one set of controls with different timings for a bunch of layers would get extremely complicated very quickly and the approach you are suggesting would be cumbersome to say the least. A better approach would be to base animation on in and out point. For example here's an expression that I have saved as one of my more than 200 custom animation presets that slides a 2D layer in from the left, bounces it to a stop and then has the layer fall straight down out of frame. The timing is based on the in and out point. The bounce and the speed of the slide in and out are controlled by expression controllers that are added to the layer when the animation preset is applied. All you have to do is set the layer at it's at rest position then apply this animation preset: Dropbox - flyInBounceDropOut.ffx. It makes no difference what size or scale the layer is. It will slide in to the at rest position based on the number of frames specified in the slide in slider starting at the in point, then the layer will fall out of frame by the number of frames set with the slide out slider (or match them if the check box is selected). The timing can be adjusted manually for each layer and it makes things like kinetic typography animations very quick to do.


            Here's what the expression looks like:

            sif = effect("slideIn Frames")("Slider");

            sof= effect("slideOut Frames")("Slider");

            // find in and out point

            inTime = sif * thisComp.frameDuration;

              if (effect("Match SI SO")("Checkbox") == 0) {

              outTime = sof * thisComp.frameDuration;


              else if (effect("Match SI SO")("Checkbox") == 1) {

              outTime = inTime;


            // Fix  layer size when scaled

            sf = scale - [100, 100];

            xSize = width + (width * sf[0]/100);

            ySize = height + (height * sf[1]/100);

            realSize = [xSize, ySize];

            // Set Positions

            spx = 0 - realSize[0] + realSize[0]/2 ;

            rstx = value [0];

            rsty = value[1];

            epy = thisComp.height + realSize[1] - realSize[1]/2;

            // create movement

            freq = effect("bounce Frequency")("Slider");

                    amplitude = effect("bounce Amplitude")("Slider");

                    decay = effect("bounce Decay")("Slider");

                posCos = Math.abs(Math.cos(freq*time*2*Math.PI));

                y = amplitude*posCos/Math.exp(decay*time);

            moveIn = Math.min(linear(time,inPoint,inPoint + inTime,spx  ,rstx-y));

            moveOut = Math.min(linear(time,outPoint - outTime,outPoint - thisComp.frameDuration,rsty ,epy));

            [moveIn, moveOut]

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              Ravisimo Level 1

              don't know if it's an compelling reson. And I probbebly should have mentioned what i was hoping to achieve.


              I have a multicam session of 11 cameras placed in a ruffly 120 degree angle Around a singer performing. half the matrix instead of making a lot of edits in premiere, fading from one cam to the next one and so on. I hoped that I could build a comp where I used a slider to get from Cam 1 to cam 11.

              so what I am really asking is. Is it possible to have a slider controlling which layes opacity is at its highest. And fade between 11 soureses of material that needs to be in Time.

              a slider that slides and fades between the Layers in the comp.

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                If you are editing a multi cam session in AE you are not using the software as it was designed. Your comp will be a mess, checking the timing on the cuts is extremely tedious and difficult, changes will be nearly impossible and it will take ten times longer than cutting the project in Premiere Pro. AE is not an editor. AE was specifically designed to create visual effects or motion graphics shots or in some cases short sequences that you edit into a move in a NLE like Premiere Pro. 90% of my AE comps are under 7 seconds because 90% of my cuts in all of the movies I make are less than 7 seconds. If you set up your multi cam project in Premiere Pro Cutting Multi Cam can be almost as fast as live switching. You just need to learn how to do it.


                if you must do some processing of your shots in AE then Cut it in Premiere Pro, pick the shots you want to fix first. If they are short then use dynamic link to process the shots in AE. If every shot needs processing or the shots are long, depending on the adjustments you want to make, a better option is to render a Digital Intermediate (DI) using a lossless format (or better yet a 10 bit or better DI) and do your processing in AE, then edit the final production in Premiere Pro. Since it's a music production you'll also want to do your final sound mix in Audition to take full advantage of tools available there to improve your music playback.


                If you really want to use a slider to cut between two cameras then that is easily done by tying the opacity for both layers to a slider that you animate from 0 to 100. You just place 100 - in front of the second camera's expression. If you have more than two cameras you could add a check box and an if statement then you would have to change the checkbox to change between camera 1 and 3 or camera 2 and 3. This would quickly become a complex and time consuming edit and it is never going to be as fast or as efficient as editing in Premiere Pro using the multi camera setup.

                If you really want to try it it would look something like this for 2 cameras:

                Put your slider on a layer named opacity and name the slider something meaningful like 'Change Camera'

                Camera 1 layer opacity.

                thisComp.layer("Controller").effect("Change Camera")("Slider")

                Camera 2 layer opacity.

                100 - thisComp.layer("Controller").effect("Change Camera")("Slider")
                It will look like this:
                Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 11.29.03 AM.png
                That will do it in AE and give you a perfect overlap between cameras, but I would not attempt to do this kind of an edit in AE in the first place.
                EDIT: I forgot to mention that if you don't want a luminosity dip when fading between cameras you must set the blend mode to Alpha Add. You don't have the problem in Premiere Pro.
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                  Ravisimo Level 1

                  I'm deffenetly going to make my main edits I premiere. The slider idea should only be as fx shots a second or so in duration. 

                  The slider idea is so that I could play around with the timing of the edits and fades between the camera. or sync it to a element of the the song via audio to key frames. or have it swiching back and forward really fast. But how fast. and how should the fades be.


                  I just thought It would be easer trying things out with a slider in after effects instead of making a lot of test sequen in premiere. it would take a lot of counting frames and placing fades.

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                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    You can set up default transition lengths. I seldom if ever count frames in a NLE. I step forward and backward a frame or two to fine tune an edit. If you are counting frames in your NLE I suspect that you are fairly new to the process.


                    I don't very often use dissolves between cuts. Check out any feature or even any high end music video and count the number of fades or dissolves. Straight cuts are more powerful and define an emotion or feeling much faster than a dissolve. Dissolves or fades between shots tend to stretch things out, especially when cutting to the music and kind of mush the rhythm degrading the emotions created by the tempo of the music. You will see fades in a lot of live TV of music events because they tend to hide timing errors you get when doing live switching. The quality of the "live" broadcast depends on the skill of the director and the TD (person pushing the buttons). There are only a few TD's I have worked with in the last 45 years in film and TV that could cut to the beat every time.


                    Most edits are cuts because the mind only works in cuts. Try and do a fade with your eyes....For that matter, try to do a pan or a zoom. I'm not trying to direct your video, I'm just pointing out some things that I have learned in a lifetime in this business.


                    In my experience it's always faster to fine tune an edit in a NLE than in AE. You definitely will get better and more reliable previews in a NLE so you can tell what kind of story you are telling.

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                      Ravisimo Level 1

                      I've been in the broadcasting business for ten years. but thats not the question. Let's say I wanted to make a edit of the 11 cams that only played 1 frame and then moved on. And make that my trippy musik video. I would have to switch cameras 25 times per second for the 3:30 min music. fades or not. It would be easy it I could program a slider to transition between the different angels of material.

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                        Ravisimo Level 1

                        thank you for taking time answering my question. i just tried a lazy approach I guess. I'm gonna do a lot of cuts, and many fades, in premiere. Thanks for the feedback. And marry Christmas.