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    Is there a bug in Camera Raw corrupting .dng files from Parrot Bebop Drone?


      I am experiencing a highly reducible problem. When opening a .dng file taken with my Parrot Bebop Drone using either Lightroom 2015 cc or Photoshop 2015 cc, the first time it will open fine. If you quit the app without saving the file, and try to open the file again, Adobe Camera Raw(ACR) will report that the file format is incompatible. It seems that merely opening the file will cause Adobe to create a bunch of embedded xmp metadata in the file and writing it back to the file, even though it's just being opened and not saved. Seems like an awfully bad practice for any software. I've been trying to find a setting in Adobe that would prevent this from happening with no success. I filed a case with Adobe. Case # 187349196. I spent nearly an hour with an overseas support person that kept insisting that ACR does not support Parrot drones when in fact it's listed as a supported file type in ACR 9.2. Would Adobe remove support in 9.3+? I was finally transferred to a 2nd level tech who experienced the same issue and filed the report. I would have expected better support for Creative Cloud given that I'm paying every month.


      Here's the temporary workaround...


      Before opening any of your Parrot files, change the permissions on the file to Read-Only (You can do this using file info in Mac, not sure about Windows). The file cannot be corrupted after this step. You can the save the file to some other format to avoid this issue, .psd works fine.


      This image shows the file info before and after opening with Photoshop. Note there was no "save" on my part, i just opened and quit. The corrupted file on the left shows a bunch of metadata that's not in the original file on the right.


      I would love to hear from Adobe soon on this issue as it's very frustrating and time consuming.

      Screenshot 2015-12-21 16.10.18.png