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    Photoshop Premiere 11 Video Problem


      Im so perplexed on making a video out of stills, which I have done several times before, but something is making all my photos look pixelated and boxy when the video plays in preview and when it is burned to a DVD.  I do not understand what I am doing wrong and i have scoured this website to see if i could find the answer to no avail.   Here is the nuts and bolts at what I am doing and what I have tried already:


      1.  I have about 450 still photos from my nephews wedding that I want to make into a movie with music.  I created a project, added the photos, added the music, and rendered the images. I added menu markers and a movie menu as well.  Done, well normally I am done and ready to burn the DVD, which I choose NTSC Widescreen and fit contents to available space.  This is my normal process. I didn't think much of the pixelated/boxy look on the screen thinking I just never paid attention before, so I watched the DVD on my TV and it looks horrible.


      2.  Next I tried shrinking the photos.  I first opened all the images in Photoshop CS6 and changed the image size down to 2000 on the long side and saved them all.  I didn't them the long way...one by one.  Did about 30 images to text it.  Did nothing for me....DVD still awful.


      3.  Next I tried changing the photo size by going into Photoshop CS6 and used File, Scripts, Image Processing and saved them to 1200 on the long side.  Did this for all photos and loaded them back into the movie I was working on.  I didn't burn the DVD this time because the preview still shows them pixelated/boxy.  Now, if you preview one of the images while in Photoshop Premiere, it looks clear as a bell.


      4. Next I tried downloading a trial version of Photoshop Premiere 14 and that didn't change a thing.


      I am beyond frustrated and I know its something simple. This is a Christmas gift and while I could go get them something else, I know how much this would mean to them.  Is there anyone out there that can give me the "answer for dummies" to this problem?


      In case it helps, all images were shot in RAW using a Nikon D800 body with a Nikkor 28-70 F2.8 Lens.  All images were run through Lightroom 5, then through Photoshop CS6 before finally making it to a jpg.


      PS...the only thing I can think of that is different from the last time I made a video from stills is the camera body and using Windows 8.  not that it matters, just want to give the whole picture.  Thanks!


      Your help is so appreciated!

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Please go through the following as a mini test run...


          1. Photoshop Elements 11 or Photoshop, size your photos to 1920 x 1080.


          2. Open Premiere Elements 11 to its Expert workspace and go to File Menu/New/Project Change settings.

          You are going to set manually the project preset to




          DSLR 1080p30 @ 29.97


          Use the following scheme to do that


          • Open the project to the Expert workspace, and go to File Menu/New Project and Change Settings.
          • In Change Settings, set the project preset to the DSLR setting above. OK out of there.
          • In the New Project dialog that opens, rename the project and make sure to have a check mark next to "Force Selected Project Setting on This Project". OK out of there.
          • Back in the Expert workspace, import your source media using Add Media/Files and Folders/Project Assets from where you drag the files to the Timeline track..

          Render the Timeline content so that the orange line above the Timeline content turns green (Enter key or Timeline Menu/Render Work Area).

          Is there any improvement in what you are seeing now versus what you were seeing before?


          For burn to: Publish+Share/Disc/DVD disc with preset = NTSC_Widescreen_Dolby DVD.

          With a regular DVD burner, you can also produce a higher resolution product, AVCHD DVD. But, the AVCHD DVD does not play back on a regular DVD player.


          Please consider the above, and let us know the outcome (as your schedule permits).


          Any questions about the above, please do not hesitate to ask.


          Thank you.