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    Multiple pages import XML


      Hi All,


      I'm looking for a method to copy a complete page with XML tags in it. I've created a photobook with XML tags, looking as following:




      Once I've created a XML and import it in ID, it looks as the following:




      I've created 4 pages to create a test, and those 4 pages are working perfect!


      Problem is, I need around 1200 pages in total to create a full photobook of our assortment. If I use the A-Striem as a page, and create multiple of that A-Striem pages, ID will create copies of the exact 1st page - so the same items are displayed on every page i create from the A-Striem page.


      I'm looking for a sollution to copy the pages without messing up the XML tags in it. Anybody has a good idea?


      Thanks in advance,


      Michiel Govers

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          MW Design Level 5

          Why use AStream? And how are you using it?

          With a set of placeholders or by dragging the XML import into your layout, it should just flow and fit page by page as designed.


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            Chiel85 Level 1

            Hi Mike,


            Thanks for your answer. I don't use the A-stream page, I've tried to use it but it didnt have the result.


            What kind of placeholders do you suggest? I'm no InDesign wizard, can you point me a way towards your idea?


            Kind regards,


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              MW Design Level 5

              You mentioned you have it working for 4 pages. Skipping the placeholders thing for a moment, have you tried importing the XML as shown in your screen shot and dragging the top element (Directory) onto a blank page, then auto-flowing the story to create the needed pages and checking to see if all the XML is present (regardless of the layout)?


              Placeholders would be created for one set of elements, tagged with the elements, then when importing the XML checking that repeating elements be created. I decent book on XML, if you haven't seen it, is James Maivald book, A Designer's Guide to Adobe InDesign and XML...

              There are also free resources if one searches the Internet for them that will be helpful. Cari Jansen's web site comes to mind.


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                Chiel85 Level 1

                Thank you very much Mike, I'll be reading this and do some testing next monday!


                Have a good weekend,