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    MEDICAL EMERGENCY: Flash CS5 corrupted my project for school


      Help would be very much appreciated. I made an animation for our project and saved it multiple times, but Flash crashed in the middle of saving, so the file was corrupted. I did everything that I found on the forums, but nothing worked. In fact, I was forced to make an account just to ask for help. I'm using CS5 because it's the only version compatible for my outdated school's computers. I'm doing it on a home computer, and the project is to be submitted via email.


      The specific message outputted by Flash for the original file is:


      Unexpected file format.

      The following JavaScript error(s) occurred:

      Cannot find file C:\Users\user\Documents\GILLIAN'S BACKUP\new project.fla.


      I do not know the specs of my PC, but I am running 64 bit Windows 10 on a pirated copy of Flash because the legit version is too expensive (our teacher just told us to buy illegal copies burned onto cds like wtf woman don't teach that to kids). I have tried updating the software, but it always tells me "Unable to download Adobe Flash Pixel etc.etc". This project was 3 days of work, and I need to redo more than 150 frames, along with coding the buttons and motion tweening. This project is due on January 5. I have never had this problem with saving before. All of my backups were also corrupted.


      Thank you to anyone in advance!