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    WebHelp Skin Editor

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      I think I somehow got rid of the Previous and Next buttons in the nav bar of my compiled help. it. All I have is the X showing at the top right of the navigation pane. However in the Skin Editor (Toolbat tab, Nav Bar section), Previous, Next, Sync TOC, and Hide are all set on "Default image" and show up just fine. So, I am not sure why the X still shows in the compiled help but nothing else shows. In the skin preview, the two arrows (previous and next) are there as is the circle arrows and the x. However, only the X shows up in the compiled help. I really want to get the previous button back in particular. Thanks very much.
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          Hi there

          See if the link below helps you sort it.

          Click here

          Cheers... Rick
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            Thanks. This is a great help. You've got a great repository on the robowizard site.

            Only one thought: for the purpose of the help project I am working on - it will be on a touchscreen at a restaurant with just a TOC and Index and no field/page level help - I was hoping the previous button would literally mean the last topic the user viewed. In your article, you mention that these previous buttons are not the same as the browser back buttons. So, I went in to the Browse Sequence Editor and included all main topics (no popups) thinking that could be a workaround, but despite that all topics are accessible, they only go back to the previously viewed topic if it happens to fall that way in the sequence I defined.

            So my question is: can you fool the Browse Editor to go back to the last topic viewed, or is that impossible with the browse sequence since the browse sequence is essentially a sequence the user is hardcoding? Thanks again for not only helping me but so many other tech writers.
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              Hi there

              Yes you are able to do that! I believe I've documented the process in my Skinny on Skins.

              Click here to visit the download page

              Thanks for the kudos. The site is more of a CobWeb site any more. Haven't touched it in a long while as I'm simply too busy with many other irons in the old fire.

              Cheers... Rick