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    License/Usage Questions




      I'm interested in Adobe Stock, however, I'm still not entirely clear on the standard license usage rights/restrictions (which, I've read numerous times).

      If someone could give me concrete answers to the following questions, I'd greatly appreciate it:


      1. If I acquire the standard license of a stock image for myself, am I allowed to use the same stock image for multiple projects? Say, use a paper structure photo on different digital drawings of mine.

      Note: I understand I'd have to get another license, if I were to use the same stock image for a client.


      2. Is a link (to the Adobe Stock page) for a stock image used on a website strictly necessarily in the copyright information or is "© NameOfAuthor" considered sufficient? What's the best practice?


      3. Can the copyright information be put beneath the image or must it be written on the image, as in be part of the image?


      4. Assuming the copyright notice can be put beneath the image or as separate text in front of it, if I use a stock image in a post on a website (as a header image, for instance) -- with the appropriate copyright information on that same page --

      can that same image (possibly cropped) be used as the thumbnail for social media "shares" without separate copyright notices on the "shared posts"?

      5. If I use an image -- composed of pieces of multiple stock images from different authors -- do I have to put separate copyright information for each individual used image on the image/page?

      Is it possible to "bundle" the copyright information or -- if it's not -- how do I best do this?


      6. I understand Adobe Stock does not offer extended licenses at the moment, however, is it OK if I purchase an extended license on Fotolia for an Adobe Stock image I previously licensed and already "made use of"?

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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          I will do my best to answer all of your questions. You must refer to the license agreement for the definitive and final say however.


          1. Yes, as long as the projects are for your personal use that is OK. If you own multiple businesses and intend to use the same image for each business, you would need a separate license.


          2. A photo credit is required when using an image for editorial use such as a newspaper or magazine article or for social media. General web use does not require a photo credit and a link is never required.


          3. If you are using the image in social media, the credit must be typed directly onto the image in a visible location. If you are using the image for an editorial article then having the credit adjacent to the image is sufficient.


          4. You can link to a page on social media without adding an additional credit. If however, you intend to upload the image directly to social media as reference to a link you would need to add the credit onto the image.


          5. If the composite is for social media use then yes, a credit for each contributor is required.


          6. Yes, if you are using an image purchased at Adobe Stock in a manner that is not compliant with the standard license agreement you must remove the image immediately or purchase an Extended license at Fotolia assuming the extended license allows for your use.


          I hope this helps.


          -Mat Hayward

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            Polyton Level 1

            Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer my questions, Mat.

            I am very pleased with your response and will mark it as the Correct Answer, however, I have a follow-up question to your first answer:

            By "personal", do you mean "non-commercial" or "my own business"? I intend to use the stock images for professional purposes.

            I have a single business and may use stock images for:

            1. work done for business clients as a freelancer -> I understand I need a separate license for these usages, right?

            2. work done for my own business, directly sold to consumers -> can I use a single license for multiple projects of this kind?

            Thanks again; you've been a great help!

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              MatHayward Adobe Employee

              You can purchase a license on behalf of one client. If you need to use the same image for additional clients you will need to purchase the extended license or individual standard licenses.


              "Directly sold to consumers" this will depend on what your product is. If the image is the primary value of the product such as a tee shirt, calendar, coffee mug, etc then you will need the extended license regardless. If you plan to use the image in multiple ways for marketing the same business you will be fine. For example, you could put the image on your web site and also in an advertisement flyer.


              As always, be sure to refer to the license agreement for specific details.



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                Polyton Level 1

                Alright, got it. Thank you!