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    Iooks on from the library a notice came up E_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS, I need to reset my activation byt am having a problem doing that, in Chat I have been told it was fixed but it doesn't appear to be working.  I have uninstalled adobe and re-installed I ha


      I am having trouble getting my activations reset to allow me to load books onto my Kobo.  My Kobo is less than a year old.  When trying to put books on from the library a notice comes up E_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS, have been dealing with chat for about a week and still have been unable to get it reset, I have been told that the activation has been reset and yet when I go to use it the same message comes up, I have uninstalled ADE 4.5 and re-installed.  I have done a factory reset on my Kobo and syned that and nothing seems to be working.