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    Setting up display system prefereces for external monitor with lightroom


      I am using a 2014 macbook pro retina 15" with El Capitan and a Nec Pa272w-bk-sv external monitor and am trying to get it set up for lightroom use.


      I need a bit of help with the settings in system preferences for display. Your advice and suggestions are appreciated. Below is how it is currently set up.



      I clicked on system preferences then display.


      I have three headings I can choose from.



      Display Arrangement Color


      1) Click on Display

      a) check mark "on" for Optimized for Built in Retina Display

      b) check mark "on" for Automatically adjust brightness

      c) check mark "off" for Airplay Display

      d) check mark "on" for Show mirroring options in menu bar when available


      2) Click on Arrangement

      a) Made no change to rearrange or drag displays to desired position

      b) check mark "on" for Mirror Displays

      c) airplay display check mark is "off"

      d)check mark is "on" for Showing mirroring options in menu bar when available


      3) Click on Color

      a) display profile set on "Pa272W" (other choices could be Adobe RGB (1998), Generic RGB Profile, sRGB IEC61966-2.1)

      b) Show profiles for this display left "unchecked"

      c)Airplay display in "off" position

      d) check mark is "on" for show mirroring options in menu bar when available.