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    InDesign acting very odd (unusable)




      I'm sorry I haven't been specific in the title, but it's mostly because I can't be. My InDesign as of yesterday, has been acting in a very strage manner. It started crashing a lot, so I reinstalled it. As soon as it was installed again, it loads, but whenever I click to open a menu, it immediately closes. I can see saved files and move around in them, move stuff around, but as soon as I click a menu, it vanishes. The cursor is flickering between either black and white or has the blue loading circle flickering over it. I can save, but I can't select which extension to save to, for example. And everything is much slower to load than usual.


      I know it sounds like it's possessed, but as far as I could divine, it looks like it's constantly trying to load something, then the task immediately goes to "foreground" (to of the stack for those of you who play Magic), and prioritises over anything I'm doing - namely, having open menus.


      I've tried reinsalling, restarting pc, reinstalling every single adobe app I have, reinstalling Adobe CC, so far nothing worked.


      If it is my computer, there is only one thing that I've done in my computer between uses of this programme, which was to disable and enable (and update) Microsoft .NET Framework. Not sure it has anything to do with it.