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    Not able to see smart previews. Sorry to open again this question but I went through all the attempts I have been suggested to with no success. I still waiting for someone to help because I have mostly taken LT for this feature which seems very weak and u


      LT CC 2015.3 OSX 10.11.2 Imac I5 2.8 GHz


      I have already deleted and generated many times both Previews.lrdata and Smart Previews.lrdata, cleaned library, done everything as per manuals and blogs but still under the istogram box there's no chance to see smart previews indicator.

      It seem that there's some conflict around or something in library which prevent LT to show Smart Previews. Smart Preview file also does't show any modification date even though I add pictures to the library, but I don't if this helps.

      I'm struggling with this since a while and thinking to move to move to other systems