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    Adobe After Effects and GPU benchmarks - which provide better perfromance


      Back in the days it was very clear that for some 3d application (for example) the quadro chipset by nvidia provided better performance than the geforce

      Today this question is very blur...

      I do know that the "money" (or at least this is what i know for now) is in the amount of CUDA cores.


      My question is for the following scenario:

      We have Adobe After Effects CC

      Our computer is based high end HW - i7-5930K, X99 High-End motherboard, Multi SSD in Raid0 and 64Gb of RAM.

      The question which of the 2 options will provide better performance working with AE CC (don't add the cost of those GPU to your thoughts, at this point money isn't a factor):

      1. Nvidia Quadro M4000 with 8Gb RAM, 1664 CUDA cores, 256bit, and Memory Bandwidth of 192GB/s

      2. Nvidia GeForce 980Ti with 6Gb RAM, 2816 CUDA cores, 384bit, and Memory Bandwidth of 336.5GB/s


      Now i do know that card no.2 cost 30% less than card no.1 - but at this point i don't want to consider and talk about money to value.

      I sicking for information how to understand which card will provide better performance working with AE (both working, rendering and etc.)


      Thank you for your time and help,



      BTW - is there any genuine resource which can provide benchmark results of GPU with various graphic design applications?

      Thanks again :-)