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    How do I stop lightroom from changing my images when I preview them for editing?

    APB photography

      I am so irked, it's been a series of issues for months now surrounding the program itself and my ridiculous HP computer, and once I tripped into some magical online adobe portal that linked me to a customer service technician number where an actual human being helped me with other issues and for the life of me I cannot recreate that search or find a number. *pulls out hair*


      I'm still rather new to this program. I've been using gimp for the last five years. When I very first installed lightroom back in August on an older laptop I had no issues editing. Things shown to me in the program didn't change when i clicked on them, I could edit them and they could export looking the same, as I intended, in other programs and once uploaded online to different places. Now, however, since switching to a new computer, which I have had to wipe and send in for repairs numerous times, it keeps changing things. I thought maybe it was this actual computer doing it, but whenever I install the program on my parents computers the same issues happen.


      I can see my images when I'm importing them. They look like they did when I took them. I can click develop and have the little scrolling roll of my images down below the modules. BUT whenever I select one and it brings up the images for editing there's a split second where it looks like I did when I shot it, then it does this little thinky-shift and is some how automatically edited a little for some reason which seems to reset the baseline colors, exposure, and tone of the images doing what it assumes is a clarification or something. I cannot for the life of me figure out why this is happening. MAKE IT STAAAAAAHHHHP!


      Second issue: Every time I edit an image it looks fantastic, just like I want it to look, how I saw it in my mind. Export the image. Open in the image in image viewer, or upload to flickr or fb, or my website, and the thing looks like I raked it through a posterizer and barfted strange bleeding colors all over it. Like I edited it to death. I have a suspicion using the presets makes this effect worse... WHAT THE HECK?! It's not my screen. I've tried different computers.


      They are cr2 files, exported as jpegs. What the heck am i doing wrong? is there some magical preset linked to my account so that every time I reinstall this program it automatically does these horrid auto-edits?