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    Any text I paste, becomes un-editable. What is going on?

    John Neumann Level 1

      This has been going on for several weeks now and it is very annoying. When I copy/paste text boxes, either from one ID document to another, or even to another page (or the same page for that matter), the text becomes "flattened" I guess. It acts like a graphic and is not in any way editable. It does not have the outlines that look like an AI image pasted into ID but it looks and acts like a flattened jpg image.


      Along those lines, any instance of multiple items copied together, no matter what kind they are, will paste as a single, combined graphic and again, are not editable or able to be separated.


      I pored through the preferences and did not see anything resembling an instance like this to be clicked off. It is not something anyone would want as far as I know.


      I found this thread here with what appears to be a similar issue but there was no resolution posted if one was ever found. Re: Text is pasted as a graphic image


      If anyone can lead me to a solution I will be very grateful.



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