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    RH breaking page at tagged-to-vanish Framemaker heading, unlike FM

    max_drawdown Level 1

      (FM12 with RH11.)


      In FM, when the proper conditional expression is selected, a conditional Head1 and its page break vanish as expected and the content that follows it flows from the "previous page." That is, the condition tagging causes both the content of the Head1 and the fact of the Head1 (including its built-in Page Break Before) to vanish. I've used this for years to single-source feature-set versions of a product. Works well.


      After setting conditions in RH (with or without setting Apply FrameMaker Conditional Text Build Expression), the generated output from RH does not behave the same way. (Neither does the project tree or Design view, but they are not as important as the output.) RH breaks the output at the (tagged-to-vanish) Head1 while RH omits the content of that Head1. That is, RH does not respect the tagging the way that FM does. RH hides the content of the Head1 but not the fact of the Head1.


      Uh, is this by design?


      Regardless: do workarounds (within FM or within RH or both) exist so I can get the same output behavior from RH as I have in FM?


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