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    Manage two separate adobe subscriptions on the same computer.


      I have a personal Captivate subscription and my organization's CC for teams on my home rig. The problem is that if I am working in CC and need to open Captivate it asks me to sign in using my CC ID. cap login.png

      Thus I need to sign out of CC and in to my Captivate, then of course If I need to open a CC program I have to log back out of my personal and back in to the CC for teams account. Sure I can keep Captivate open and use it after I've logged in but doing this every session is annoying and  I have also noticed that I lose CC synced files because CC tries to sync under my personal Captivate account as well.


      Is there an easier way to manage both accounts without this confusion? I run Windows 10 and tried using one desktop for CC and one for Captivate which works to solve the log in issue but makes it nearly impossible to work efficiently. Please help my sanity!