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    Help!! I have some problem in 'keyframe interpolation' part in After Effect.

    wlsdud90 Level 1

      Hi. Now I am studying After Effect by seeing some tutorials on Lynda.com

      Ian Robinson who is the teacher of this course said if I change 'Auto Bezier' into 'Linear'.

      스크린샷 2015-12-23 오후 1.17.44.png

      스크린샷 2015-12-23 오후 1.21.11.png

      The line of the moving path will be straight.

      However, I failed.

      This is my case. (although they are all Korean but the overall functions are all same.)

      스크린샷 2015-12-23 오후 1.18.35.png

      스크린샷 2015-12-23 오후 1.18.41.png

      Although I follow along what he said, it did not work, I mean, it did not get straight.

      Please give me any advice related with the problem.

      Thank you.