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    LR6.3 prepares print job and I can see it on the printer information and then it just disappears .

    coolboater Level 1

      LR 6.3 has been printing fine since October when I upgraded from LR 4.4.   Now, when I request a print job, LR prepares the print job and I can see the spooling occurring in the printer progress window, when I call it up, but then just as its finished, it disappears and no printing occurs.


      I have not changed any parameters from the way it was before.


      I have re-downloaded and reinstalled LR6.0 and it still doesn't work.


      Maybe this is a way to force you to buy the LR CC??  If it is, then I'm in.   However, if anyone has any similar occurances and solutions, I would appreciate learning what you did.