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    Lightroom error reading catalog during iPhoto import


      Hi, I'm new to Lightroom and have been trying to import my iPhoto library (about 31,000 photos). I'm using Lightroom CC on OS X Mavericks.


      I started the import with the plug-in a few days ago. It started quite quickly but slowed down and after a few days, when the import was 60% complete and progressing very slowly, I clicked 'Done' to stop importing as I really needed to use my computer for other things.


      Now, each time I attempt the import again, it starts off fine. The percentage quickly reaches 60% and it starts importing new photos - but only about a dozen of them before this error message pops up: "Lightroom encountered an error when reading a catalog file and needs to quit. Lightroom will attempt to diagnose the problem the next time it launches."


      I've tried a few times and keep getting the error at the same point. I can't find any solutions for this error message online, nor anyone else who's mentioned the same problem.


      Would really appreciate any insights!

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          Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

          Hi Chels,


          It sounds like something in your preview cache was corrupted. No worries - you can delete the preview cache and Lightroom will rebuild it, although it may take some time, depending on the size of your catalog.


          To delete the preview cache, do this:

          1. Quit Lightroom.

          2. In your Operating System, locate your Lightroom catalog. Typically catalogs are in /Pictures/Lightroom on Mac and My Pictures\Lightroom on Windows.

          3. Find the folder whose name ends with "Previews.lrdata" and delete it. (note, you may also have a folder whose name ends with "Smart Previews.lrdata." You shouldn't need to delete that one.)


          Once the preview folder is deleted, restart Lightroom. You may see gray thumbnails in the grid for a few moments as Lightroom starts rebuilding your preview cache.

          Then, try to import the rest of the images from iphoto.


          Hope that helps.