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    The document cannot be previewed


      I have a MacBook Air, an IPad and an android phone. I have Adobe docs saved to the cloud. Having opened docs on the MacBook and renamed them, on the IPad the Adobe icon is replaced by a plain box and I get a message 'the document cannot be previewed' and on the android phone I get the same icon and a message 'no viewer available on your device'. So I'm only able to view PDFs on the MacBook...Any solution?

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          MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee



          Would you please provide screenshots of the icon and the error message that you get on your iPad?


          How to add a screenshot to a forum message from iPad/iPhone


          Do the renamed documents still have the file extension (.pdf)?  e.g. GettingStarted.pdf


          Thank you.

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            Esmie66 Level 1

            Thanks for the response - first shot shows a normal file (bottom) and a file that won’t open (top) - there is no .pdf suffix for the top file any longer. Second shot is the error message that comes up when you click on the top file in the first shot. I got around the problem by emailing the version of the document that would open on the MacBook back to myself and re-saving it. The problem started when I renamed three documents on the Macbook to start with a number. I’m not sure whether that triggered a problem?

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              OK. Your screenshots did not get through.  Let's not worry about posting the screenshots for now.


              I do believe that the missing .pdf file extension is the root cause of the preview problem.


              When you rename a PDF document on your MacBook, you can try the following steps to ensure that you do not accidentally remove a file extension (e.g. ".pdf").


              1. Click a PDF document in Finder on your MacBook.
              2. Change the file name to something else.
                If you see the dialog like this (unexpectedly), click the Cancel button (i.e. do not click the Remove button).
              3. Press Return to commit the change.
              4. Select the document (if not selected already).
              5. Hold down Command (⌘) and press letter i to display the File Info dialog.
              6. Expand the Name & Extension section in the Info dialog.
              7. Make sure that the name ends with a file extension (e.g. ".pdf" for a PDF document).


              Hope this information helps.

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                Esmie66 Level 1

                Many thanks - spot on - when renaming the files I'd removed the .pdf at the end but I never got the error message when doing that and the files looked 'normal' and continued to open fine on the Macbook. By renaming the files again with the .pdf back on again, the docs are now visible across all devices. Really helpful to know that in order to avoid that mistake in future. Apart from that, this application has worked really well.