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    Why won't activated fonts in Suitcase Fusion 6 not show up in InDesign CC 2015, but will in InD 6.0?

    mojohook Level 1

      I have all latest updates to Suitcase Fusion 6 and Indesign CC 2015. I have fonts that show that they are "ON" in Suitcase, but when I open files in Indesign only a partial selection of a font family will display. EX: Frutiger STD (OT) family is all on, but 47 Light Condensed shows up as missing in InD. If I open the file in Indesign 6.0, everything works fine, so it would seem that the problem may be with CC, or Suitcase has a bug they need to fix (posting at Extensis too).

      I tried suggestions from other posts, but nothing is working.

      What I have tried:

      • Restored preferences in Indesign

      • Changed Font Menu Mode to "Search Entire Font Name"

      • Restarted, rebooted, updated, ... typical troubleshooting scenarios.

      Any other suggestions?