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    Not able to access Canon Print Studio Pro plugin after upgrading to Lightroom CC2015 [was : cannon studio pro]


      I have used Cannon Studio Pro and my Cannon Pro 100 printer with earlier versions of LR with no problem.  Now I have a new computer (Windows 10 intel i7) and using LR CC2015.  I CANNOT get Cannon Studio Pro to show up as a plugin for LR.  I have downloaded psp_win_1_4_1_ea9_2 and have tried several times to install it with no success.  I followed one tread which suggested placing the install in a "modular" folder within LR and that didn't work either.  Can anyone please help me???   I'm dead in the water and need to print somethings from LR to my Cannon Pro 100 printer.  Thanks for any help you can provide!!!