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    Cannot install the latest Flash Player for FF into my Vista system


      A really weird event just happened.  I found that Foxfire had disabled my Flash Player 19,

      stating that it was out of date and dangerous.

      So I went to the Adobe site and downloaded the install for the latest version, the file name

      is flashplayer20_a_install.exe with a file size of 1.163  MB.

      But when I double-click the file, nothing happens.  I expected to have the popup with the

      query to Run the file, but got nothing.  I opened the Windows Task Manager and saw no

      listing in the 'Applications' tab for the install routine, which means it's not running.

      I thought maybe the presence of FP19 might be a problem, so I uninstalled it.  Still could

      not run the FP20 install.  So I deleted the install program, downloaded it from another website,

      and this program was named flashplayer20_ha_install.exe.  Before running it, I restarted my

      computer to reinitialize everything.  I double-clicked it and again got nothing.

      In rummaging thru my Downloads folder, I found an old install program for FP 16.  I clicked

      on it and was able to install Flash Player 16.  By the way, the file size for this install program

      was 17.7 MB, which is 17 times as big as the install programs for FP20.  With FP16 still

      present, I again tried to install FP20 with the same futile results.

      So these current install programs seem Suspect.  Can anyone shed any light on what's going on?