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    Adding ISOnewspaper26v4 to InDesign




      My question might seem a bit basic but I'm a novice at Adobe InDesign.



      I produce a community newspaper using InDesign and the printer has told me that their printer expects an Output Intent Profile of: ISOnewspaper26v4.



      I didn't find that among the settings on my version of InDesign.


      So I downloaded ISOnewspaper26v4.icc from the website at: Ifra, then did a right click on the icon that appeared on my desktop (windows) and clicked on install.



      Now I can choose ISOnewspaper26v4 as the Output Intent Profile when I export my PDF's ready for print. Please see the screenshot below.


      Have I done everything that I needed to do to give the PDF's the relevant output intent?





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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Looks like it.

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            rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Have I done everything that I needed to do to give the PDF's the relevant output intent?


            You should also assign the newsprint profile to your ID doc Edit>Assign Profiles. Or you could convert the document colors via Edit>Convert to Profile. Convert will change the CMYK values and attempt to maintain the same color appearance, while Assign will leave the values unchanged and adjust the preview for the newsprint profile. If you created the document up using the default US SWOP Coated in Color Settings the change could be significant.


            You also want to be careful with placed CMYK images that were converted with some other profile. They should be re-converted to the newsprint profile because it has a very low total ink allowance (230% vs 300% for SWOP). The conversion would happen when you export to PDF/X-1a, but only if the images include an embedded profile (you can check via Object>Image Color Settings)