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    Viewing Styles quickly

    City Sue
      I use RH 7 for HTML. Am importing chunks of text, and need to format them to the RoboHelp styles easily. The only way I seem to be able to is to click the drop-down list in the tool bar and scroll down to the style I need - EVERY TIME is apply one style.

      this is tedious - is there a way I can keep this dropdown list open while I work?
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Welcome to our community, Sue

          If you wish to rapidly assign Heading 1, Heading 2 or Heading 3 RoboHelp HTML offers the following shortcuts.

          Heading 1 - Ctrl+Alt+1
          Heading 2 - Ctrl+Alt+2
          Heading 3 - Ctrl+Alt+3

          If you upgrade to RoboHelp 8, there is a new pod labeled Styles and Formatting (I think, it's not in front of me at the moment). So you may wish to download it and give it a spin.

          Cheers... Rick
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            City Sue Level 1
            Thanks for the info - doesn't help with the other styles, but it is something. Certainly we will look into upgrading to 8, especialy since you told me about this new pod. (Word does have some good things after all :) )
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              You could use Macro Express and create some keyboard shortcuts to any style. It runs a macro that selects from the styles as if you had done so using the mouse.