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    filter for video import




      which filter does premiere elements use for Video Import?

      Or is it possible to choose the filter used für Video Import (e. g. MPG2-Splitter...)

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          You import a file that is supported (for example, MPEG2.mpg, AVCHD.mp4, H.264.mp4, H.264.mov) by Premiere Elements version into a project with given Add Media choices....the importer is not going to be splitting a clip into smaller clips at import.

          Supported file formats


          Once you import your video to the project's Timeline there are techniques for splitting (trimming) the video. You can then export each are all of those trims, using an Adobe assortment of formats.  https://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-elements/using/trimming-clips.html

          I see no way that you are going to be MPEG2 files without recompression.



          When the project imports a file with video and audio components, it imports them so that they present linked video 1/video 2. For this file, there will be one video stream imported and one audio stream imported even if the source was recorded with multiple streams.


          Please review the above, and then let us know if it target the information that you sought.


          Thank you.



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            helmuts99997615 Level 1

            I´m using Version 11.

            If I Import a video into the timeline the Audio is not 100% synchron with the Video.

            But the original file is ok and Video and Audio are synchron.

            Therefore there is an bug while importing the Video in premiere Elements.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thank you for the reply with additional information for your Premiere Elements inquiry.


              Conclusion about bug or not needs more information.


              1. Audio out of sync is typical of video audio recorded with a device that records with a variable frame rate rather than a constant one.

              Premiere Elements can have problems with that type of situation. The symptoms range from audio out of sync with video or not being able to import the video at all. The usual remedy is to take the video audio file into the free HandBrake program to obtain a H.264.mp4 with constant frame to take into the Premiere Elements project.


              2. The project preset should match the properties of the source file. You may have a mismatch between project preset and properties of your source file. We can help you with that if you supply the relevant information. Before making an judgment of the Timeline content playback, that content should be Timeline rendered as indicated by the color or no color of the line above the content.


              Please consider the above and let us know if any of it applies to your situation. If so, please supply more details.


              Thank you.



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                helmuts99997615 Level 1



                I tried some Differenz Video files - always with the same Problem

                the Audio timeline is not complete sync with the Video timeline.


                I made a test and split the Video and Audio line with an other Software (not premiere)

                and put this Different files in a new premiere Project - always with the the Problem.


                Therefore I want to know which splitter does premiere use for Import the Video/Audio file in the Project!

                MPG2-splitter, avi-splitter, lav-splitter or which splitter does it use?


                How can I test if the properties of the imported source file the same at the original file?

                and which informations do you need?


                Please don´t Forget - I want to know which splitter will be used

                or how Dows premiere split the Video/Audio file

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  This is not Adobe. Rather essentially a user to user forum. Consequently we do not have inside information into Adobe programming.


                  I clearly get your message

                  I want to know which splitter will be used

                  or how Does premiere split the Video/Audio file

                  At the user to user level, I can repeat what I wrote before, that is, Premiere Elements will import a file containing supported video and audio components into your project linked on its Timeline. The video streams in that file go to one video track and the audio streams in the file go to one audio track below that video track.


                  Further comments if still interested....


                  There has no indication that you are referring to DV AVI type 1 or type 2 where the generalized explanation for type 1 or 2 can be found




                  How can I test if the properties of the imported source file the same at the original file?

                  and which information do you need?

                  From my point of view, the important answers would come from

                  1. What device is recording this video which has video and its audio out of sync? Brand/model/settings for the camera that recorded the video? How many different cameras have supplied video audio file that presents in Premiere Elements 11 with audio out of sync with the file's video?

                  2. What are the properties of the video audio file (including video and audio bitrates). See MediaInfo (Tree View) video and audio properties readout.

                  3. What is the project preset (how is Premiere Elements interpreting the import - frame rate and pixel aspect ratio)?

                  a. Edit Menu/Project Settings/General


                  b. Right click the file thumbnail in Project Assets, select Interpret Footage


                  c. Right click the file thumbnail in Project Assets, select Properties


                  If you have some special knowledge regarding Premiere Elements 11 project file Notepad document, you can try to read the Notepad document of the saved closed project file. I have not been able to locate there the information that you seek.


                  Please let me know if you want to continue with the surface approach that I point to. How far out of sync is this video audio situation?

                  If worse comes to worst, you might consider unlinking the Timeline video and audio and nudging them into sync with Alt and arrow key (1 frame nudge/arow key tap) or Shift + Alt (5 frames/arrow key tap).


                  Please consider.