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    Should I reinstall LR 5 over CC trial installation?


      This is my first post so I hope I am posting in the right area.


      Last week I installed LR CC on my PC. I had ordered a camera that included LR as part of the package. When I got the boxed software I tried to use the serial number to activate it but it didn't take. Upon further analysis I noticed that the LR CC is version 6 and my CD is version 5. I assume that is why my serial number was not accepted. An additional complication is that my PC does not have a CD/DVD drive. But I found a download for LR 5.


      Should I uninstall LR CC and then install the LR 5 from the Adobe downloads directory? Should my serial number work there? Or do I need to buy a CD/DVD drive?


      I'm enjoying my LR experience having upgraded from Picasa!