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    No audio in video (even when ALL audio options are checked!!!)


      Hi guys,

      I was finishing my 1 hour long stream video an music album complication. There are 16 tracks of which 14 are .wav files, one MP3 and one mp4 video at the very end. When I try to render it as a video in .wmv (tried mp4 but no audio either. Can't use mp4 though because it would be 15GB worth of a video) it doesn't give me the audio at all, atleast not in the beginning. I didn't render the whole video just the first 10-15 seconds to check if audio is there but it never is or it's just some kind of quiet distortion like you would play just the first second of a song and repeated it over and over again for 6 minutes.



      (What also happend is that it picked a song in the composition and made a perfect 2 second loop for the six minutes)



      This goes on for like 6 minutes after that the audio plays normally, that's what I found out as I tried to render the whole separate 15 tracks into one .WAV. However, when I shift the audio files so that the first track is at the 6th minute and render all of it (even the 6 minutes of silence at the beginning) the whole audio is just fine. But that doesn't work when I try to render it in a video. It just never gives me the audio. Doesn't matter if I put the composition directly to Media Encoder or render it first in AFter Effects itsself as a AVI (which was 396GB by the way) and then put that into a composition with the audio and then into Media Encoder.

      Audio settings are the standart ones which Media Encoder gives you by default when choosing to render in 1080p 29fps .wmv.

      System specs:

      Windows 10 64bit


      i7 5820k @3.30ghz

      Everything is updated to the latest version, I checked.

      Also posted at Creative Cow with no response