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    internet explorer 11 did not update


      OS  Windows 10 Pro X64

      browser internet explorer 11.0.22

      flash player


      can anyone please tell me how to manually update internet explorer as it is now integrated and Adobe does not offer a download for it. I have confirmed that chrome and edge both updated to flash player 20. it is only internet explorer that did not update. I have a game player that is looking for flash from internet explorer and will not run on out dated flash player. I have not been able to find a way to force internet explorer to update. adobe offers a way to do chrome but not internet explorer.

      at least not that I have been able to find.


      thank you for any help I can get.

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          Carm01 Level 4

          You are going to have to preform a windows update, it should be KB3119147



          To check and see if its installed:

          Just start typing windows updates in your search and run it. It will say Check for updates click it, under advanced options it will show update history.


          Best Regards

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            gandalf776 Level 1

            thank you for your time and information. I checked update history and for some reason that update had failed. when I finally got windows to check for updates it did find it and this time installed it. only one problem it only brought it from version 18 to version 19. both edge and chrome are at version 20. so shouldn't internet explorer be at 20 also?

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              Carm01 Level 4

              looks like a newer version was released just recently Version, it says I am out of date lol.


              IE and EDGE will use the same integrated version. MS will have to release that patch in windows updates, it might take a day or so to trickle down i don't see the update on my system.




              I am going to run my scrip that updates the reset and see some things.


              edit 404pm :

              here is what i pulled from my scripts log:

              ActiveX OLD/NEW:

              NPAPI OLD/NEW:


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                gandalf776 Level 1

                thanks again for taking the time to help me.  I checked chrome and found this is what is shown for the plug in


                \Google\Chrome\User Data\PepperFlash\\pepflashplayer.dll

                Type: PPAPI (out-of-process)


                now I can not find where I saw in edge that it was already at version


                but IE is showing


                Type:                   ActiveX Control

                Architecture:           32-bit and 64-bit



                now I sort of know what scripts are it is computer commands right sort of like a way to get it to do something. now I am better than most of my friends that ask for my help. so this script that you ran did it solve the problem or are we still at the mercy of MS. and if so is it possible for you to instruct me on how to run that script?

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                  gandalf776 Level 1

                  well after I asked you about the script I check windows update again. I found it wanted to run the same KB as before. I think they were behind due to the upgrade that they just ran for windows 10. IE now shows to be updated to version 20. thanks again for your help.

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                    Carm01 Level 4

                    What i ran is custom code I have out there on sourceforge, basically it will update any version of flash player via the clean install method based on your Windows operating system, obviously from windows 8 and up it will not touch anything from Internet explorer/edge as that is integrated into the operating system, and could cause harm; well mostly likely cause harm if tampered with. Once it does what it does, it reads certain registry entries and compares them to a snapshot of the same registry settings before it started the process, and output it to the event viewer logs, that is what I copied and pasted was what it wrote to the event logs after I ran it.


                    So basically a script automated processes to speed them up, and to make them easier in use in the future and by others that want/need to run them. Think of them as small programs.


                    You can click my name and there is a link to my source forge page where you can browse through what I created, nothing should harm your machine as it has been tested and tested and tested. You can click under the green button ( or click the green button to get the one i used ) and choose browse all files, and if you want to see a  good one that might assist you with updating flash look at the folder BAT version and the one for XP and up. Once you download it, you can right click and choose edit to see exactly how it works and what it does. The exe on the main page ( big green button ) you cant do that with. Not that it is a bad thing, but just how it was written. That one also writes to the event viewer the BAT files that you can edit will not do that.


                    REMEMBER make sure you know what you are doing and make sure you understand the risk of creating, or modifying a script as if you are not careful you can wipe things and make changes that can harm your system. Just some advice if you plan to dabble in that.


                    As far as determining your IE/edge version easily without and scripts go here: Flash Player Help

                    Press the test button , this will work for all browsers, here is another sort of page to confirm it is working Adobe - Flash Player


                    Hope that helps you out

                    Best Regards